This is the list of birds.

The 7 OriginalEdit

  1. Red Bird
  2. Blue Bird
  3. Yellow Bird
  4. Black Bird
  5. White Bird
  6. Boomerang Bird
  7. Big Brother Bird

The New OneEdit

Globe Bird

The Fanon Birds Edit

  1. Military Bird
  2. Fire Bird
  3. Ghost Bird
  4. Idiot Bird
  5. Silver Bird
  6. Shapeshifter Bird
  7. Transforming Bird

The Three StrongestEdit

  1. Shapeshifter Bird
  2. Military Bird
  3. Secret Bird

The Reversed ThingEdit

Idiot Bird

The Secret FourEdit

  1. Secret Bird #1
  2. Secret Bird #2
  3. Secret Bird #3
  4. Secret Bird #4

Entry Fanon BirdsEdit

Machine Gun Bird


Comment your birds!

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